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Metal Roofing

The Original Roofing Company installs metal roof systems from manufacturers such as Citadel and Berridge. Metal roof systems are resistant to wind, hail, and mildew, are entirely fireproof, and are nearly maintenance-free. Metal roofs are also much lighter than other roofs, allowing for easy install. Painted metal roofs are usually snow-shedding; snow collects when fresh/light, but slides off when ambient temperatures rise a few degrees. Metal roofs can be made to resemble many materials.

Metal roofs sport great energy efficiency and unpainted metal roofs reflect most of the solar radiation asphalt roofs absorb. In warmer climates, a highly reflective/emissive metal roof can re-emit up to 90% of absorbed solar radiation.

Metals are readily recyclable. Aluminum/copper roofs are available with 95+% recycled content, while steel roofs usually have 60-65% recycled material. Additionally, the US government has established the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which rewards homeowners who have decided to install a new metal roof.

Metal roofing is nearly guaranteed to reach its warrantee period, commonly 25-50 years. The lowest end of the metal roofing spectrum lasts 20-30 years, while residential/commercial grade roofs last 50-100+ years.

System Types

Corrugated metal sheet systems have expected lives of around 50+ years, are extremely weather proof, and withstand severe temperatures by contracting and relaxing with heat. Corrugated metal roofs are lightweight, putting less stress on walls, and require less framework/support. A low weight also makes installation a simple and inexpensive procedure.

Standing seam metal roofing is made up of many interlocking metal panels, is among the most durable systems, and can withstand even hurricanes/hail storms and puncture. Standing seam is applied with concealed clips, allowing thermal shift and resisting strong wind. Standing seam is energy efficient due to special insulation installed between panels, creating an independent insulation system, and reflects the sun's rays.

Metal roof shingles carry many advantages over common shingling. They last up to twice as long as asphalt roof shingles and typically possess warranties for 50 year periods. An advantage that metal shingles have over alternatives is their large panels, making for quick/easy install through simple components. Installing metal roof shingles is done using metal clips/screws, and may be made to resemble wooden roof shingles or other materials.

Metal tile systems are lightweight, making their installation simple, and they can be installed directly onto many forms of sheathing. Most metal roof tiles also allow significant airflow beneath them. This ventilation reduces the heat build up in the attic space, lowering cooling costs. Metal roof tiles sport the resistance to weather, fire, aging, and decay that all metal systems share.


Copper systems share the durability and light weight common in all metal systems. Copper minimizes roof movement due to thermal shift, preventing associated damage and failure. Copper is 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and is easily shaped to any roofing contour. For this reason copper roof flashing or components are wind-resistant, water-tight, and applicable to almost any roofing structure.

Steel systems share metal's characteristic energy efficiency and light/easy install. Steel systems are weather resistant to the point of being unaffected even by discoloration. The coatings and/or fixings for the sheeting of a steel system can be designed for different environments, such as industrial or marine locations.

Aluminum is a high-quality roofing material which is greatly resistant to rust/corrosion, even within salt-spray coastal environments. Aluminum is an incredibly strong material for roofing, light weight; at around 60 lbs. per square, is tough even at extremely low temperatures, and holds all the reflective and durable properties intrinsic to metal systems. Aluminum systems are also entirely recyclable/environmentally friendly.

Galvanized systems are steel that is coated with a thin layer of zinc in order to provide corrosion resistance. Galvanized systems are highly durable, and unlike stainless steels which can reach hefty costs, they are a greatly cost-effective purchase, while also lasting up to 200-300% longer than common asphalt systems. Some galvanized roofing materials are also coated with aluminum and/or silicon to provide extreme weather resistance.