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Roof Guard Maintenance

Consistent routine maintenance can save you thousands of dollars by extending your roof life up to 50% longer.  Just like your car and changing the oil, your roof needs consistent maintenance at critical areas to prevent leaks and other damage.

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Roof Repairs, Coatings & Replacements

The Original Roofing Company, has been repairing or replacing roofs on properties for over 50 years! We have the experience and knowledge to identify what your roof issue is.  Our experienced estimators will develop the most cost effective solution for your roof system.  Since each one of our crews are specially trained and selected for your particular property, you can rest assure your property is getting the attention it deserves.

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New Construction

New Home Builders, General Contractors and Government Entities have consistently turned to The Original Roofing Company for New Roof Construction projects. Our team of experienced professionals work efficiently and effectively with construction management teams to get your job done correct and on time. 



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Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are used to divert water collected from roof areas and drain it away from the building and its foundation.  They are designed to preserve soils around the property, prevent mold and fungus growth, protect siding and stucco from backsplash stain and rot, protect pools and landscaping, and shield windows and doors from water infiltration and damage.

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Metal Wall Panels

Metal siding and wall paneling can be applied to interior and exterior walls for both commercial and residential projects. Our in house metal shop can fabricate or we can purchase systems, allowing us to offer a range of options. Horizontal, vertical, and square paneling are a few of the panel types available and are offered in many styles and colors.