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How Much Does a Commercial Roof Inspection Cost?

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 6, 2018 2:55:00 PM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington

how much does a commercial roof inspection cost?

Roof repairs are expensive, so it’s understandable that building owners are hesitant to even get their roof inspected. This might manifest from fear of an inspector uncovering hazards requiring pricey work (or mistrust of the inspectors themselves) but also of adding the cost of the inspection to the already daunting price tag of potential repairs. However, a commercial roof inspection should be the least of any owner’s concern as sticking to a regular inspection schedule can lead to future savings that your wallet will thank you for.

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How Much Does a Commercial Roofing Inspection Cost?

As with all services, the price of a roofing inspection depends on the roof. Style, size, and location of your building all factor into the final cost. In general, flat roofing made of tar and gravel are on the cheaper end of the scale, around $200 while wooden roofs with shingles can cost up to $400 to inspect.

Top Reasons Why Commercial Building Owners Should Get a Roof Inspection

Roof inspections aren’t just another expenditure. Here’s the approach smart building owners take:

Being Proactive about Repairs

A roof is, quite literally, your top barrier against the elements. No one appreciates a leaky roof, so getting an inspector to find the problem areas will help you patch up the small problems before they become too much of a hindrance.

Finding Issues Before They Become Critical

The longer a damaged roof remains unfixed, the more likely an inspector will find that the entire roof needs to be replaced—and this option is much more expensive than any one repair job alone. By getting that inspection done sooner and on a regular basis, you’ll forego all the stress of major construction and a dent to your bank account.

Discovering Money-Saving Options

Whether the inspector finds a small or large problem with your roof, they’ll have insider knowledge on what types of materials are reasonably priced that also fit your roof’s needs. They may even provide you with tips on how to maintain upkeep on your roof between inspections, so it’s even less likely they’ll find damage the next time they visit.

What Does a Commercial Roofing Inspector Look For?

While a commercial roofing inspector can find any number of issues with a roof, here are some of the more common issues they might uncover:

Faulty Seams

Roofing seams are considered the weakest part of the roof while also being the most important. When the seams fail, the entire roofing structure may fall apart. An inspector will check to be sure that all the adhesives are still in place.

Damaged Flashing

Inspectors will also check your the flashing, the covering that is supposed to prevent water leaks. If any flashing is damaged, you’ll want it replaced right away.

Weak Joints

Around your chimney, vents, and pipes, inspectors will look for weak spots in the joints and corners. Water can potentially leak through any of these areas if the joints are damaged.

Blistering or Curling Shingles

Depending on the climate, weather and heat can warp your shingles. Once they’ve lost their original shape, the shingles no longer function properly, and they might as well not be there at all.

Ponding Water

This issue will mostly be found on flat roofs. Without proper drainage, flat roofs run the risk of collecting rainwater until the roof begins to sag, which could lead to even worse problems.

Finding an issue with your roof is never pleasant. The construction and cost add up to more stress than you’d prefer. However, by getting a commercial roof inspection regularly, you have a better chance of avoiding larger roof repairs and, therefore, higher repair costs. Roof inspectors can advise you on roof upkeep so that you don’t have to worry about future issues, or they can help you save money in the event that your roof does need work. Don’t wait too long because the cost of repairs will outweigh the cost of an inspection.

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Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington