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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Broken Roof Tile?

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 30, 2019 1:25:00 PM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Broken Roof Tile?

When you walk around your yard and look at your home, you notice a few of your roof tiles look like they might be cracked or may have slipped out of place. What made that to happen? Is it a big problem? Can these tiles cause other issues with my house? What is it going to cost to have the tiles replaced? These are all very valid questions and if you have a tile roof, you need the answers. Read below to see how roof tiles can break, how it can affect your home and health, and the average cost for repairs.

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What Causes Roof Tiles to Crack or Slip?

There are several reasons a roof tile might crack or slip. Some of these causes can be avoided, but some, like Mother Nature, cannot. Here are a few of the common causes for roof tiles to crack or slip:

  • Severe wind and rainstorms: During intense wind or rain, tiles can come loose or get broken. If the tiles were already loose due to corroded or older nails, a heavy storm can easily pull the tiles from the nails.
  • Old tiles: Old tiles may not have been sealed as well as they are today and can become brittle due to age and exposure to the elements. As noted above, nails can corrode over time, and that can cause issues with older roof tiles as well.
  • Tree branches: If a tree branch falls on your roof, you are in danger of having tiles cracked, broken or knocked loose. Wind and storms could potentially cause branches to hit your house.
  • Roof traffic: If you have people walking on your roof there is a chance of tiles getting broken or becoming loose. Only licensed, professional workers, such as contractors or roofers, should be allowed on your roof.

Do Cracked Roof Tiles Need to Be Replaced?

Cracked roof tiles absolutely need to be replaced. Having broken tiles, even just one or two, can cause major issues with your roof and your home. A few of the issues that can occur from broken roof tiles are:

  • Structural Damage: If water is allowed to get to the wood base underneath your tile roof, for example rain coming through a cracked tile, the structure under the tiles can start to rot. If too much water gets under the tile, the inside of your home can be affected too. Drywall, ceilings and walls can all become stained with watermarks and there can be serious structural deterioration.
  • Health Hazards: If cracked tiles on your roof are allowing water to get into your home, mold and mildew can spring up. These hazards can trigger allergies and produce any number of illnesses. Water getting near electrical outlets and wiring can lead to fires, outages and possibly even electrocution. Puddling of water from these leaks could cause slips or falls.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Broken Roof Tile?

The best bet for keeping your home and family safe from the issues that could be caused by broken roof tiles is to get them replaced. While it is not an inexpensive endeavor, it is an important investment. The cost for replacing the tiles is much cheaper than fixing any damage that might be caused by leaving cracked tiles ignored.

The average cost of replacing broken roof tiles is anywhere from $250 to $500 per square foot. Several factors can cause this price to increase or decrease. Some of these factors include:

  • The type of tiles used.
  • How the tiles are attached to the house.
  • Access to the roof.
  • The hourly charge for the roofing professionals.
  • The height of the home (1-story, 2-story, etc.).
  • Additional costs for any necessary repairs to the roof.

The roof of your home covers your family, pets, friends and possessions. While it might not seem like a big deal to have a few cracked or loose roof tiles, they could potentially cause some big problems in your house. Get a professional to look at any damaged tiles, so you know if your home is in danger of suffering major damage. Investing in tile replacement now will save you a lot of money in possible structural or health issues in the future.

Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington