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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Commercial Roof?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 15, 2018 10:28:57 AM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington

how much does a commercial roof replacement cost?

A commercial roof replacement can be expensive, but it’s part of the cost of doing business here in Las Vegas. The intense sun and heat slowly break down roofing materials and leave buildings vulnerable to catastrophic failures, often during one of the intense storms that pass through the Valley. If you need a roof replacement, it’s vital to act before you experience a major failure. However, it’s important to know how much you can expect to pay so you can make an informed decision about your roof replacement.

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Commercial Roof?

The price of your commercial roof replacement will depend on the material of your roof, materials used for the repairs, and the amount of labor required to complete the job. Some common price ranges per square foot for a commercial roof replacement are as follows:

  • Silicone coating: $1.90 to $2.60
  • Single-ply: $3 to $5
  • Asphalt shingle: $3.50 to $5
  • Built-up bituminous flat roof: $11.50 to $14.50
  • Barrel tile roof: $6.50 to $18
  • Metal roof: $7 to $12

Other factors such as warranties, accessibility, and the condition of your roof can affect your roof repair cost or that to replace it. Generally speaking, if your roof is in an advanced state of disrepair, it will cost more to replace it than one that’s in a better condition.

Factors that Affect Commercial Roof Replacement Cost

Here are several of the most common factors that influence the cost of a new roof:

1. Type of Roof

First and foremost, your contractor will need to know if your building has a flat or pitched roof, each of which typically requires different materials. Most commercial buildings use flat roofs that are typically made of inexpensive single-ply or built-up bituminous materials. Pitched roofs are less common on commercial buildings but use more expensive materials such as shingles, tiles, and metal.

2. Roof Accessibility

Depending on how easily accessible your roof is, your contractor may require extra equipment, which will increase the cost. The taller the building, the more likely your contractor will need a crane to transport materials. Further, sloped roofs are not always safe to stand on, requiring a man lift. If the roof construction will hinder normal business hours, then the adjusted work hours will entail additional costs.

3. Current Roof Condition

The state of your roof before a commercial roof replacement can make or break your quote. In some cases, your roof might need a superficial face lift, but if the condition is too poor due to water and other types of damage in the insulation and substrate materials, then this will hike up the replacement bill. The more damage to these materials, the more your contractors will have to strip from the roof, which adds labor and cost.

4. Local Code Requirements

Local codes can also affect your bill by requiring contractors to build roofs to a certain standard. These can limit your material options if your area requires a specific slope or aesthetic to your building.

5. Warranty

After your roof has been replaced, you’ll have several warranty options, each varying in price. You’ll want to consider how cost-effective the roof warranty would actually be in the case that your roof sustains significant damage.

6. Maintenance

Once your new roofing system is in place, your contractor should review with you the best maintenance plan for your building. By getting your roof inspected regularly (at least twice a year), your contractor can catch minor damage before it worsens. After your roof replacement, consider signing up for a maintenance contract, which can save you money in the long-run.

Flat Roof Replacement Cost and Options

Flat roofs are much simpler to maintain than sloped roofs because they’re much more accessible. However, they do not have as long a lifetime as sloped roofs. Flat roofs have a life of approximately 15 years as opposed to a sloped roof’s 20- to 30-year lifespan.

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When it comes time to replace your flat roof, you can expect to pay roughly $5,000 based on the national average. At the highest, your bill might reach around $12,000. If these prices are way out of your budget, be diligent with regular maintenance to reduce the chance of a full replacement.

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  • Prevention of damage and accidents from occurring to tenants or clients
  • Reduced liability due to a safer roof and early detection of problems
  • Improved value of the roof as it has a documented maintenance history

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Get a Quote For a Commercial Roof Replacement

A commercial roof replacement can be pricey, but it can protect your business from the elements for years. If your roof needs to be replaced, it’s better to act sooner rather than later. Contact The Original Roofing Company today to get a quote for a commercial roof replacement! We’ve been serving Las Vegas Valley businesses for more than fifty years and can’t wait to share our expertise with you.

Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington