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How to Use Technology to Lengthen the Life of Your Building's Roof

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 30, 2020 12:49:00 PM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington


All roofs have a finite lifespan and this varies greatly depending on factors such as material type, climate, age, exposure, and installation. Building owners in Las Vegas are no strangers to the damage caused by relentless summer sunshine, torrential rains, and high winds, and we all know a roof isn’t cheap to replace. That’s why roof care and maintenance are critical to extend its lifespan and keep leaks and pests at bay.

Regular inspections can keep your building's roof in good health.
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But roofing systems aren’t just about concrete or tiles – roofing systems include drainage, flashing, electrical equipment penetration, satellite antennas, skylights, and roof access points. The complexity of the roof system is why frequent inspections and proper maintenance may not be enough to achieve the long service life you desire. That’s where advances in technology can help.

Roof Management Software

Roof management software is making the job of business owners, property managers, and facility directors easier when it comes to dealing with aging roofs. Roof management software helps professionals make informed decisions about whether repairing is sufficient or whether it’s time for a full replacement.

A roofing management program involves collecting and storing a myriad of data and records related to the roof. It’s essential to know the age, size, and maintenance history of the roof, so this is one area where management software is extremely useful. There are several different types of roof management software available online.

Drone Software

Drone software is growing in popularity for roof inspections as a way to quickly and safely perform an inspection. Drones can automatically collect high-resolution roof imagery and 3D models much faster than manual inspections and then deliver comprehensive reports. Options for drone software include the apps EZFly and DroneDeploy that feature high-precision roof reports with 3D models and thermal processing.

Thermal Software

Thermal imaging cameras translate heat (also known as thermal energy) into visible light. Thermal cameras, such as this radiometric thermal camera designed to be used with unmanned aerial vehicles or drones will reveal wet roof insulation so that it’s easier to spot leaks.

Leak Detection Software

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) can locate invisible roof anomalies. One example is Detec’s PermaScan™, which continuously monitors your roof using sensors for a permanently embedded and fully automated moisture monitoring system.

Security Systems

Security systems are critical tools to extend the life of a commercial building roof. Maintaining cameras on the roof and at access points like doorways will give you real-time insights into what’s going on up there. Locked entrance ways are not only a wise security move, but they also keep unwanted people from causing unintended damage from improper use.

Weather and Storm Apps

Find out when severe weather is on its way before it damages your roof with the latest weather and storm apps that closely monitor current conditions. One example is RadarScope, which features local storm reports, real-time hail contouring, and lightning strike data for commercial buildings.

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If you have the budget for these types of technologies, then add these tools to your facility management arsenal to effectively monitor and extend the life of your building’s roof. Not all professionals in your field have access to these types of tools, and truth is, not all Las Vegas roofing companies do either. That’s why it’s important to shop around for a top-quality roofing contractor to provide the highest quality roof maintenance. Our ROOF GUARD® preventative maintenance program helps experts like you analyze your roof, locate roof trouble spots, and avoid expensive repairs. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington