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Pros & Cons of Commercial Glass Roof Systems

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 6, 2020 10:16:56 AM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington


Commercial glass roof systems bring a number of surprising practical benefits, making them popular among businesses in Las Vegas. While we normally try to keep it at bay, the intense Las Vegas sunlight can transform an interior space for the better when we invite it in on our terms. However, glass roof systems have their drawbacks and may not be appropriate for every business. Learn more about the different types of glass roofs and what installing one can mean for your business.

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What Are Commercial Glass Roof Systems?

Commercial glass roof systems, also known as roof glazing, consist of a frame that lends shape and support to the glass infill. A glass roof can take the form of anything from a simple skylight to a massive structure like The Adventuredome in Circus Circus. There are several different types of glass roofs for commercial buildings, and once you learn how to identify them, you’ll probably start to notice them around the city. Las Vegas roofing contractors who are experienced with glass roofs can give you a better sense as to whether or not one is suited for your business.


In a frameless glass roof, the support structures for the glazing are hidden on the edges.

Structural Glass

A structural glass roof will use transparent beams made of low iron glass to provide additional support.


A retractable glass roof is made of support structures that can be opened and closed to the outside either manually or mechanically.

Advantages of Commercial Glass Roof Systems

Check out some of the numerous benefits to installing a glass roof for your business to see if yours can benefit from one. 

More Natural Light

Commercial glass roof systems introduce natural light into a space and create a more welcoming environment for your clients and visitors. Workers may also enjoy the natural light and see it as a major perk. Natural light has also been shown to contribute to higher productivity among workers. 

Lower Utility Costs

Believe it or not, installing a well-insulated glass roof can save your business money by lowering its utility costs. Commercial glass roof systems can lower cooling and heating bills in the summer and winter. A glass roof also reduces the amount artificial lighting a building requires.

Improved Aesthetics

A glass roof can be a stunning addition to your building. It may be used to benefit the business inside the building or appeal to the type of clientele you want to attract.

Disadvantages of Commercial Glass Roof Systems

While glass roofs offer substantial benefits, there are a few drawbacks to consider.


Glass roofs require regular maintenance to repair damages and remove obstructions such as tree limbs. Your business will need to add this new regular expense to its budget.


A glass roof could be more susceptible to leaks than a typical roof. The frame presents numerous vulnerabilities along its seams that can let water in if the roof is improperly constructed or damaged.


In addition to bringing higher maintenance costs, any damage done to the frame of a glass roof will need to be repaired. The entire frame will likely need to be replaced if any part of it is damaged.

Would Your Building Benefit from a Commercial Glass Roof System or a Reroof?

Commercial glass roof systems are popular around Las Vegas, thanks to the numerous benefits they offer, but they’re not right for every business. If you’re thinking of installing a glass roof in your building, it helps to work with commercial roofers in Las Vegas who can help you weigh the pros and cons. While glass can be a compelling option for a reroof, it’s not the only one available to you. Contact the Original Roofing Company today and we can advise you on your options for replacing your roof.

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Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington