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Understanding the Process for a Commercial Roof Replacement

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 21, 2020 11:51:00 AM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington

Interior of a roof

It’s a matter of when, not if, you will need to replace the roof on your commercial building. The good news is the process is simpler than you might think and can proceed seamlessly if you know what to expect ahead of time. The choices you make leading up to your roof replacement will greatly influence how successful it is.

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Steps to Replacing a Commercial Roof

Find out what happens during a roof replacement so you can make the right preparations for it within your business.

Choose a Contractor

This is the most critical step to replacing your roof and something you’ll want to budget some time for. Your roofing contractor needs to be qualified to handle the type of roof your building has and the one you want to install. They also need to be reputable and have a track record of successful project completions. Check sites such as HomeAdvisor or search for roofers locally, read their reviews, and make sure they are properly licensed and bonded before hiring one.

Choose Your New Roofing Material

Before you begin work on the roof, select the material you wish to use for it. This could be an opportunity for you to switch to a more efficient material or you might stick with the one you already have. At The Original Roofing Company, we replace and install commercial roofs made of the following materials:


  • Single-ply
  • Asphalt
  • Metal


We can also replace commercial roofs that are built at a steep slope.


Remove the Old Roof Material

Once your contractor gets to work, they’ll start by removing the old and damaged material on your roof, one layer at a time. If you have a tile or metal roof, these components may be able to be reused on your new roof. The contractor will also inspect the decking and remove any parts that are worn out. They will also prep the roof for the next stage by moving the material they need onto it.


Prepare the Roof Surface

The contractor will replace any parts of the roof decking that should be replaced. They will install a drip edge, typically a metal border, around the edge of the roof to prevent leakage while they work. They will also install a new layer of insulation on top of the roof decking. Finally, the contractor will install a membrane on top of the insulation to form a waterproof seal.

Install the New Roofing Materials

Once the roof surface is ready, the contractor can seal any features on your roof that may cause leaks, such as vents or chimneys. They can also install the shingles, tiles, or metal features you planned on or lay down a roof coating.

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Planning for your commercial roof replacement can be easy when you know what to expect from the process and what to look for in a contractor. With more than 50 years of service in the Las Vegas Valley, The Original Roofing Company has the expertise to make your roof replacement a success.

Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington