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What Is Our Roof Guard® Maintenance Program?

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 29, 2020 1:54:23 PM / by Krystal Coddington

Krystal Coddington

worker replacing roofing tiles and battens

If you ran into roof problems with your home or business in the past, you know just how serious these issues can be. Not only do you risk the chance of water damage and other structural issues with a damaged roof, but you also run the risk of getting stuck with a major financial burden. For these reasons and more, it’s important to keep an eye on your roof as the years go by. 

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or easy access to visually inspect our roofs. Fortunately, the Roof Guard® Maintenance Program is the simple solution to this problem. In this article, we will provide you valuable information about how this program works, why it’s so important, how you can benefit, and more.

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Roof Maintenance is Critical to the Health of Your Home or Building

As we mentioned earlier, it’s never fun to come across a problem that requires major roofing repair. This is where regular roof maintenance comes into play. With regular roof maintenance, you can avoid a major disaster by catching problems early. 

It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected at least two times a year for residential homes. For commercial buildings, roof inspections should occur three or four times a year, depending on the size of the roof. Many larger roofs require more frequent upkeep.  

As far as the process of roof maintenance, it’s best to utilize a roofing service for a professional inspection. The inspector will look for any damage that needs repair, fix potential problems that could lead to damage, remove debris, and make note of any aspects of the roof that might need extra attention in the future.

Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Now that we have an understanding of some of the preventative actions that can help prolong the life of a roof, let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come along with regular roof maintenance:

  • Catch issues early. Again, this is a big benefit that will help your wallet. Finding and fixing that one loose shingle is much cheaper than replacing an entire section of your roof due to neglect. 
  • Better energy efficiency. Keeping your roof in great shape also ensures that your home is properly insulated at all times. This is another benefit that can help you save money by lowering your energy bills. 
  • Breathe healthy air in your home. Roof leaks that are left unattended will eventually lead to mold. Mold can be a serious health risk by negatively affecting the quality of air that you breathe. 
  • Protect your investment. The roof on your home is one of the biggest investments in your life. Regular maintenance will allow you to extend the life of this investment as far as possible. 

Our Roof Guard® Maintenance Program

Our Roof Guard® Maintenance Program is available to both homeowners and commercial property owners. The primary goal of this program is to help mitigate any damage that could lead to a full roof replacement. As we mentioned earlier in this article, finding and fixing problems earlier is always the best solution. With over 50 years of experience, The Original Roofing Company’s Roof Guard® Maintenance Program provides you with professional roof technicians who are trained to detect and solve roofing issues for both residential and commercial properties. 

Residential Roof Guard® Program

The Residential Roof Guard® Program allows homeowners to receive annual or semi-annual inspections to ensure the proper maintenance is being performed on the roof if needed. This program will greatly extend the life of your roof by preventing major exterior roof damage and intention damage that could occur from undetected roof leaks, because roof failure can lead to serious financial implications. For example, the average roof on a 1,500-square-foot home costs $6,000 (that’s a lot of money to save).

Watch Our Residential Roof Guard® Program In Action


Here are the inspection services included in this program:

  • Removing debris from the roof, the valley areas, and around flashings
  • Inspecting for blisters, cracks, and seam separation
  • Checking for proper adhesion, including fasteners
  • Refastening any materials that have been affected by wind
  • Inspecting parapet wall flashing and refastening and resealing it as needed
  • Resealing, when needed, roof penetrations, including AC, curbs, and vent penetrations
  • Inspecting accessories such as satellite dishes, solar heaters, and antennas
  • Repairing minor potential roof leaks and re-securing loose tiles


Here are the benefits of this program:

  • Extends the life of your roof up to 50% if done consistently
  • Prevents major interior damage as well as potential health hazards due to undetected roof issues
  • Keeps accidents and damage from occurring to family, friends, and neighbors, reducing your liability
  • Entitles you to priority appointments and emergency service responses from our technicians
  • Increases the value of your home in the event you want to sell, because you’ll have documentation that your roof has been maintained

Who Is This Program For?

Here are those who will benefit most from the Roof Guard® Maintenance Program

  • Busy homeowners (let’s face it, there’s not enough time in the day to do everything)
  • Landlords
  • Homeowners who are not physically able to get on their roofs
  • Those with steep roofs (for safety reasons, these roofs should be left to the professionals to handle)
  • Those with limited roofing knowledge (it doesn’t do much good if you don’t know what to look for)

Commercial Roof Guard® Program

The last thing your business needs is a complete roof replacement or a major roof repair that inconveniences your clients or tenants. The Commercial Roof Guard® Program will provide your building with periodic inspections from trained commercial roofers to make sure your roof is in good standing at all times.

Not only will this program help you save thousands of dollars in the long-haul by preventatively catching potential problems before they happen, but it also provides peace of mind to business owners and property managers who will have one less thing to check off their to-do lists. 

Watch Our Commercial Roof Guard® Program In Action


  • Remove debris from the roof as well as valley areas and around flashings
  • Clear all drains, scuppers, and downspouts
  • Check the roof system for proper adhesion, including fasteners
  • Refasten any materials that have become loose from the wind
  • Inspect the roof for blisters, cracks, and seam separation
  • Inspect and, as needed, refasten and reseal parapet wall flashing
  • Check and reseal roof penetrations such as those from plumbing, AC systems, and vents
  • Inspect roof accessories, including satellite dishes, antennas, solar heaters, etc. 
  • Repair any small, noticeable potential roof leaks
  • Provide an estimate for repairing any major damage uncovered
  • Give a timeline for repairing or replacing the roof, if needed, as well as a budget for future planning


Here are the benefits of this program:

  • Extends roof life up to 50% if used consistently
  • Prevents major interior damage and health hazards from mildew and mold buildup
  • Reduces liability by preventing accidents and damage from occurring to tenants or clients
  • Provides peace of mind during high winds and storms
  • Entitles you to priority-guaranteed appointments and emergency service response

Who Is This Program For?

Here are those who would benefit most from the Roof Guard® Maintenance Program:

  • Business owners
  • Property owners
  • Busy facility directors/managers
  • Your clients or tenants (avoid inconveniences that can be caused by major roof repairs)

Why Should I Choose Roof Guard® if There Are Warranties?

There are various types of warranties that are important to understand. Some warranties only cover one aspect, such as labor or materials only. It’s also important to mention that many warranties can be voided for a number of reasons; one of these reasons includes the failure to maintain the roof as agreed upon. This is another reason why the Roof Guard® Program can help you keep up on your roof no matter what kind of warranty you may have in place. 

Safeguard Your Property with Roof Guard®

Roof Guard® will put you at ease when it comes to the upkeep of your roof. Without regular inspections by professional roofers, you risk the chance of running into severe roofing issues that will cost you a lot of money. Whether it’s Residential Roof Guard® or Commercial Roof Guard®, we at The Original Roofing Company will put you in the hands of the best roofers in Las Vegas. For more information on how Roof Guard® can help you better maintain your roof, contact us today!

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Krystal Coddington

Written by Krystal Coddington